Boulder Canyon Acupuncture Clinic is pleased to announce our mobile acupuncture service! This service is geared to patients that want the convenience of getting a full treatment in the comfort of their own home, office, hotel or vacation rental.  Our practitioners bring back the old tradition of doctor house calls into modern times.  By having the appointment at your desired location, there is no more commuting back and forth to another appointment during your busy week.  This service is perfect for patients that have non-emergent issues that prevent them from coming into the clinic such as pinched nerve, thrown out your back, bad cold, or severe menstrual cramps.

For your convenience, we do everything online; including taking care of your payment and intake forms BEFORE your appointment time.  This makes your experience more relaxing so you aren’t rushed beforehand.

Do you wonder if acupuncture can help you? Here is a list of conditions the World Health Organization says that acupuncture can help with

We are happy to offer a free 15-minute phone or in-person consultation to help assess your specific needs.


$150 within 20 miles of clinic location in Boulder. $30 each additional 15 miles of driving distance (all mobile treatments must be prepaid)

As always, purchase a block of treatments and receive a discount!

3 visits = 5% off

5 visits = 10% off

10 visits = 15% off